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Heated pavements in Helsinki

I know I am late to this, but how amazing and obvious is this?

Like everything, obvious when it slaps you round the face.

Here I am, speaking at an industry event in Helsinki.

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The Future of Mobile is not Smartphones

At the MRMW event last week (Market Research in the Mobile World) Lumi Mobile revealed their results of over 3,000 interviews with people around the World. Read more on The Future of Mobile is not Smartphones…

Send your Smartphone to Med School

Amidst all the rubbishing of the various health apps all around the World over the last few weeks I want to draw your attention to one which I have been watching (and participated in some early work) for many years. Scanadu.

Scanadu was developed – along with others – with the Tricorder in mind. You know – that device that Star Trek takes down when they see a new alien or McCoy or Scotty want to do a quick scan on one of the Enterprise staff. Read more on Send your Smartphone to Med School…

Robot Market Research

2 interesting pieces in the news this week.

Does this mean Robots are going to find their way into mainstream market research?

And … does it mean we will dispense with the inconsistency, expense and time associated with interviewing humans?

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A Mobile Future?

Are humans simply the phones way of reproducing itself?


Is Kurzweil becoming more accurate by the day?


Who will be our John Connor?


Meantime, let’s embrace mobile as the way forward for all of us.

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Judging from the number of people who bump into me while walking in the Singapore Central Business District whilst reading/texting on their mobile devices at the same time, I have long suspected that Singaporeans are increasingly becoming addicted to our mobile devices.


Peak SMS moments during the Olympics

Sysbase have completed an interesting analysis of SMS traffic during the Olympics games.


The infographic is here – any surprises?