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How Brazil inspires AlmapBBDO’s creative director, Luiz Sanches

Nowadays when you get up from sitting on a plush block-coloured sofa in the reception of an ad agency you will likely get a head rush from being dazzled by all the awards and wacky art on the walls. At AlmapBBDO in Sao Paulo it feels like you’re in a waiting room about to get liposuction. It’s all very calm. Except the people milling about aren’t in white coats, but kitted out in thick-rimmed glasses, checked shirts and Converse. And instead of holding a clipboard, they’re carrying a Moleskin notebook. Alas, a creative here is a creative anywhere… But in BBDO they don’t try and convince you about how creative and cool they are as soon as you walk in. Instead they let the work do the talking. Or rather, Luiz Sanches the creative director does the talking about the work.

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