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Judging from the number of people who bump into me while walking in the Singapore Central Business District whilst reading/texting on their mobile devices at the same time, I have long suspected that Singaporeans are increasingly becoming addicted to our mobile devices.


Looking East – 15 years on for Hong Kong

Is all happy in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong’s biggest protest for nearly a decade packed the former British colony’s streets Sunday in a defiant reception for its new leader and a show of popular anger after 15 years of Chinese rule.

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Why every agency needs an Asian outpost

I’ve spent a lot of time recently deciding between chicken or beef; on my way between London and Singapore. Both Hyper Island, the Swedish digital media university college I helped start in the mid 90’s, and my London agency, the OTHER media are looking east towards Asia as we respond to both client needs and opportunities.  We’re by no means alone in planning such new ventures but the reasons are so compelling that it surprises me that there aren’t even more headed in this direction.

Clients and talent are the twin reasons behind our decisions. As our ecommerce clients grow in confidence, they want to reach out and access customers in the vibrant and increasingly wealthy Chinese and broader Asian markets. They could, of course, replicate sites, apps, fulfillment and marketing using local agencies but partnering with their existing agencies to adapt their European and US presence offers greater economies of scale and consistency of both message and operations. And, to be effective in these new markets we have to be there; operating in their languages, cultures, timezones and on their terms. Read more on Why every agency needs an Asian outpost…

Looking East – Consumer Confidence

The Towers

As the Grand Prix passes through Malaysia, let’s look at Consumer Confidence.

After the economy shrunk by 1.7% in 2009, GDP growth bounced back in 2010 at 7.2%. Read more on Looking East – Consumer Confidence…

Looking East – Vietnam

10 years ago these were all bicycles.As news reaches us that Panasonic is cutting jobs in Newport to switch production to Vietnam we thought it would be useful to remind us all of how Vietnam is transforming into a truly amazing business destination.

Currently growing at an annual rate in excess of 7% it is one of the fastest growing economies in the World, with PWC predicting it to be the fastest growing emerging economy by 2025, with GDP of 70% of the UK. Read more on Looking East – Vietnam…