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Armando Testa supports start-ups with ideas competition

Nice idea from Italy’s Armando Testa to help Italian start-ups and in turn the Italian Economy. Working together with Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera, and¬†the Bocconi¬†University in Milan they have launched a competition to find the ten best business ideas, which the three will then support with training and advice.

A sort of Apprentice meets Dragon’s Den called “Let’s begin anew with ideas”. The idea being to make a difference to Italian business by helping blossoming start-ups that “are among the levers the national economy needs to raise its head and emerge from the crisis”. Read more on Armando Testa supports start-ups with ideas competition…

A day in the life of a vigorous nudist

An amusing spot here from Italy for a brand of potting soil called Vigorplant. Armando Testa has documented a day in the life of a nudist, as he wakes up, stretches, exercises, does his chores and and daily ablutions.

But thankfully our eyes are spared having to look at his private parts — and Vigorplant wants to make sure we are aware of who we should be thanking for that. Read more on A day in the life of a vigorous nudist…