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Surprising Advertising Trends in Saudi Arabia

Local brands utilizing simple/clean design principles to convey a message.

Saudi Arabia is one of those countries, which is still listed as an emerging market. But is it really so “emerging” when it comes to the advertising industry? Learning from the Worldwide Partners Inc. agency in Saudi Arabia, Focusadvertising, we can understand more about the opportunities in the marketing communications sector as well as what challenges still exist that slow down the progress.

These days, a lot of renewals are happening in Saudi Arabia. And many of them appear to have a direct impact on the advertising industry. Read more on Surprising Advertising Trends in Saudi Arabia…

Emerging power in emerging markets – are you ready?

Despite the negative stigma around the term “emerging markets”, a whole lot is happening that will undoubtedly turn the tables on the so-called developed markets – if they don’t continue emerging themselves. According to Zenith OptiMedia, 60% of all global ad expenditure will come from emerging markets as early as 2014. We asked Worldwide Partners Inc. agencies in China, Egypt and Brazil to tell us about the opportunities and challenges they see in advertising and marketing communications in their specific emerging markets. Read more on Emerging power in emerging markets – are you ready?…

Read more on Emerging power in emerging markets – are you ready?…

China is a Different “Social” World

Hugo Chan, Managing Partner, WE Engauge Limited, shares these insights from Hong Kong.

China is a totally different “social world”


– China has the largest internet population in the world: 700M
– Chinese culture is very different from those of Western countries.
– Chinese is the second largest consumer of luxury products
– Chinese has the most engaged social netizenship in the world.
– Chinese trusts world-of-mouth communication than most of the population in the world. Read more on China is a Different “Social” World…

Ten Commandments for B2B Social Media campaigns

We asked some of the Social Media Experts at Worldwide Partners, Inc., to give their opinion of the best current practices around the globe for B2B marketers. Godfrey in Pennsylvania, Mintz & Hoke in Connecticut and Traction Creative in Canada give their ten commandments below. Read more on Ten Commandments for B2B Social Media campaigns…

Read more on Ten Commandments for B2B Social Media campaigns…

Can agencies benefit by developing and building apps in countries where wages are lower?

Casper Bierman of Van Diemen Communication Brokers in the Netherlands wondered if agencies could take advantage of building apps in lower-wage countries. By surveying the agencies within Worldwide Partners, Inc., representing all regions of the world, he shares what he discovered.

Read more on Can agencies benefit by developing and building apps in countries where wages are lower?…


Judging from the number of people who bump into me while walking in the Singapore Central Business District whilst reading/texting on their mobile devices at the same time, I have long suspected that Singaporeans are increasingly becoming addicted to our mobile devices.


An advertising snapshot of Santiago


If you’re a small business with zero budget for advertising and media spend, what do you do? You create your own, of course.

It’s very simple: red type on a white background for stand out and clarity. Lead on product and go straight to the call to action – with a map, for god’s sake! Media placement is also important. How about next to the colourful party shop with ghastly fluorescent balloons to draw attention? Read more on An advertising snapshot of Santiago…

It never rains, it pours

The global economy has been sat under a dark cloud this year and weather in Ad land hasn’t been too bright either. ‘Inside’ reports like the Worldwide Partners Advertising Index Q3 suggest stormy weather is here to stay, but will 2012 see a lift in dark cloud?

Advertising and the cricket World Cup

World Cup fever is at its height in Pakistan and with this weekend’s Pakistani win over Australia, there seems to be some hope that the Pakistani team may not disappoint us again. Most cricketing nations have prepared campaigns that support their teams no matter what. They have sent them off truly hoping and praying that they will come back with the coveted World Cup. Read more on Advertising and the cricket World Cup…