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“Blowing in the Wind” in Vietnam

Phu My Hung Urban Area

Proving that musicians leave long lasting loving legacies through their music, over 30,000 people gathered on 31st March at Phu My Hung Urban Area, Ho Chi Minh City, to celebrate the 12th Anniversary of the death of the late musician Trinh Cong Son; considered to be Vietnam’s own Bob Dylan, with his immortal songs about the love of people and the profound human values.

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China is a Different “Social” World

Hugo Chan, Managing Partner, WE Engauge Limited, shares these insights from Hong Kong.

China is a totally different “social world”


– China has the largest internet population in the world: 700M
– Chinese culture is very different from those of Western countries.
– Chinese is the second largest consumer of luxury products
– Chinese has the most engaged social netizenship in the world.
– Chinese trusts world-of-mouth communication than most of the population in the world. Read more on China is a Different “Social” World…

Indonesian Social Media Marketing : Still a Bumpy Road for Brand Owners.

Meryl Emma Karenina, Branding Analyst at MakkiMakki Branding Consultant, a member of Worldwide Partners in Jakarta, shares her thoughts:

These days the three words you are most likely to see in the headlines of your CNN online coverage or your weekly business magazine is either ‘Social Media’, ‘Indonesia’, or ‘Boom’. With more than 43 million Facebook accounts and 19 million active Twitter users, Indonesia boasts the second highest number of social media users in Asia.

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Judging from the number of people who bump into me while walking in the Singapore Central Business District whilst reading/texting on their mobile devices at the same time, I have long suspected that Singaporeans are increasingly becoming addicted to our mobile devices.


Lady Gaga in Indonesia, or Not

The self-proclaimed “Mother Monster”, or simply known as Lady Gaga, was forced to cancel her ‘Born This Way Ball’ tour in Indonesia scheduled for June 3rd 2012. Although her decision to cancel her performance arose from severe criticism of her rather extravagant performance, and the fear for her safety as part of the allegedly 50.000 sold-out tickets were supposedly bought by Moslems intending to disrupt the show, there was no question that the country for the past month has been torn between avid fans on one side and the government, in unison with the Islamic Defenders Front, on the other. But, was the issue truly about religion as Indonesia has the largest Moslem population in the world? Or was it more about the so-called brand she is bearing as a distinct pop star? Read more on Lady Gaga in Indonesia, or Not…

Silent Followers; social media in Asia

Recently, I was in Tokyo at a seminar organised by Asahi Advertising, MakkiMakki Brand Consultants, both are members of Worldwide Partners Inc., and Intage Research Agency, who work for leading Japanese food manufacturing companies.

Although the seminar was about “Indonesian Consumers and the Latest Trends in Food Product Marketing” the two interesting observations that got me thinking were more related to social media. Read more on Silent Followers; social media in Asia…

“How many of my friends text me their Happy Chinese New Year greetings while sitting on the toilet?”

That was the first thing that popped into my mind as I read that a recent online survey conducted amongst 1,000 Americans by 11mark revealed that 75 percent of them are so inseparable from their smartphones that they continue to text, surf or hold conversations even while on the toilet. Never mind that all the text greetings that I had received were from friends in Singapore, Malaysia and China; I am sure our mobile usage patterns aren’t that far from that of the States’.

Yesterday, February 6th 2012, marked the end of the traditional 15-days celebration for the Chinese to welcome in the Lunar New Year. This is the most important holiday in the Chinese calendar; imagine Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year combined into one big celebration. Read more on “How many of my friends text me their Happy Chinese New Year greetings while sitting on the toilet?”…

It never rains, it pours

The global economy has been sat under a dark cloud this year and weather in Ad land hasn’t been too bright either. ‘Inside’ reports like the Worldwide Partners Advertising Index Q3 suggest stormy weather is here to stay, but will 2012 see a lift in dark cloud?