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How Brazil inspires AlmapBBDO’s creative director, Luiz Sanches

Nowadays when you get up from sitting on a plush block-coloured sofa in the reception of an ad agency you will likely get a head rush from being dazzled by all the awards and wacky art on the walls. At AlmapBBDO in Sao Paulo it feels like you’re in a waiting room about to get liposuction. It’s all very calm. Except the people milling about aren’t in white coats, but kitted out in thick-rimmed glasses, checked shirts and Converse. And instead of holding a clipboard, they’re carrying a Moleskin notebook. Alas, a creative here is a creative anywhere… But in BBDO they don’t try and convince you about how creative and cool they are as soon as you walk in. Instead they let the work do the talking. Or rather, Luiz Sanches the creative director does the talking about the work.

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How to get street cred with street art


You’re building a bank so big in size that it takes up an entire city block, which, during construction will have an ugly green metal hoarding wrapped around it. What do you do to make the entire monstrosity more palatable to the locals?

Why, you call on your graffiti buddies to create art, of course. That’s what Banco Ciudad have done for their corporate offices in Parque Patricios, Buenos Aires. Together with the urban art collective, NEURAL they devised the project Arte Patricios. Read more on How to get street cred with street art…

The Badlands of Bolivia


Arriving in La Paz along the altiplano, skirting around a flat rim surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, you’re not quite sure whether your breath is taken away because of the altitude or seeing the city spread out in its bowl-like landscape. And quite soon, the social topography starts to reveal itself: the poor are high up on the flats, battling a combination of the searing sun and sweeping winds; the middle class sit comfortably further down the slopes on the outskirts of the city centre; the rich live lavishly at the bottom of the basin. Read more on The Badlands of Bolivia…

Alcohol ban outrages the gringos at Lollapalooza, Santiago


There was a ban on alcohol at the Lollapalooza music festival in Santiago. All the western foreigners expressed overt outrage and drew up complex plans to sneak booze through security. After drinking at midday pre-festival and succeeding in bringing in a bag containing a bottle of vodka, a bottle of pisco and beers, it was a lot of fun.

Of course, it’s unusual for Westerners (i.e. European, American and Australian binge-drinking champs – or chumps in some cases) to experience a music festival without being blind drunk. And unusual for alcoholic drinks brands to be denied access to that ever-willing prime target. The official excuse is that there are kids present. The reality is that the South Americans go a bit nuts after they’ve had too much to drink and like to fight, whereas we get silly happy. Read more on Alcohol ban outrages the gringos at Lollapalooza, Santiago…

An advertising snapshot of Santiago


If you’re a small business with zero budget for advertising and media spend, what do you do? You create your own, of course.

It’s very simple: red type on a white background for stand out and clarity. Lead on product and go straight to the call to action – with a map, for god’s sake! Media placement is also important. How about next to the colourful party shop with ghastly fluorescent balloons to draw attention? Read more on An advertising snapshot of Santiago…