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The Summer of Sport – Brand London

London 2012 is in full swing and the world’s eyes are all on England’s capital, with Brand London’s reputation on the line. Last year I put together some thoughts on potential factors that could affect London’s brand during the Games. I thought it’d be interesting to see how these predictions fared!

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Global Brands in Asia

More and more brands from the UK and beyond are setting their sites on the Far East. Being a big international/western brand carries with it a certain cache almost without trying in Asia. The premiumness, trust and quality associated with these products create desirability and TV and radio advertising is having a strong effect on consumers. However there are many factors that brands in Asia need to consider if they want to succeed.

The right blend of talent

When it comes to brands being successful in Asia, the first thing to remember is that they are not inanimate objects that enter a market all by themselves. By this I mean that success or failure of a brand is, first and foremost, determined by the quality of the team working on it. Read more on Global Brands in Asia…