RoboEarth, RoboCops, Robot Market Research – Part 2

Further to my earlier post – – let’s throw this news into the mix, from the BBC website –

Basically the article reterm2veals that in Eindhoven a series of inter-connected, separately developed robots are all talking to each other to better surgery based on their collective knowledge. At this stage they are not working on proper surgery with proper humans but surely it is only time before that happens?

When we fuse this emergence with some of the other things I’ve blogged about – Scanadu –, the Centre for Existential Risk – – it is clear that advances in robotics and automation are significantly more sophisticated than most of us in the marketing services industry are capable of understanding.

It’s not too much of a stretch of the imagination to consider a market research report created entirely through machines, using machines as the data source and the interpretation, developing creative briefs for campaigns which in turn are designed to prompt people to puchase certain products through their smart phones / google contact lenses – all in an instant.


Is it?




  • Kay McMahon

    Interesting article – and another reason I’m glad to be a long term boycotter of Tesco, but could someone please proof-read the writing before it’s published? So many spelling mistakes makes this difficult to swallow (don’t excuse the pun).

  • paul c-c

    And you should try the Tesco meatballs. They’re the dogs bo……ks

  • Yeshim

    I bought sausages yesterday and went to cook it today. Tesco brand expire date till 25th august. But it’s almost like there’s no meat in it. It’s not edible and extremely soft after cooked. Have bought beef sausages tesco brand before and other brands and this is just strange. I’m pregnant so didn’t even attempt it after cooking.