Send your Smartphone to Med School

Amidst all the rubbishing of the various health apps all around the World over the last few weeks I want to draw your attention to one which I have been watching (and participated in some early work) for many years. Scanadu.

Scanadu was developed – along with others – with the Tricorder in mind. You know – that device that Star Trek takes down when they see a new alien or McCoy or Scotty want to do a quick scan on one of the Enterprise staff.

Well…this year people can pick up the Scanadu SCOUT, a small $150 palm-sized device, which will scan your vitals in less than a minute, and give you a diagnosis on your smartphone.

Simply hold the SCOUT to your temple, and in ten seconds, it will record a number of your vitals: Heart rate, electrical heart activity, pulse transit time, temperature, heart rate variability, and blood oxygenation. It then transmits this information to an app.

Imagine the implications for any vertical.

Healthcare – sure, but financial services – insurance especially – emergency services, professional sports, manufacturers, private, public – many businesses.

Even for marketing – this makes data collection and analysis much simpler

It was designed so that physicians can devote more of their time to actually treating patients. After all, they’re doctors, not accountants.

Imagine the same for marketers? We can devote more time to marketing. We’re marketers, not accountants.