China is a Different “Social” World

Hugo Chan, Managing Partner, WE Engauge Limited, shares these insights from Hong Kong.

China is a totally different “social world”


– China has the largest internet population in the world: 700M
– Chinese culture is very different from those of Western countries.
– Chinese is the second largest consumer of luxury products
– Chinese has the most engaged social netizenship in the world.
– Chinese trusts world-of-mouth communication than most of the population in the world.


– No business who wants to be really global can ignore China.
– No business who wants to do business in China can ignore social media marketing.


– Be very respectful to government and system
– It is easier to spread negative news in China than any other countries. And if negative news is not professionally handled, it can become a crisis and permanently damage brand image.

Other important observations & implications:

1. One-child policy:
Significant increase in spending on parenting products, education, extra-curriculum activities, parenting travel, etc.
Every extended family members will treat the newly-born baby as pearl, and will send the children gifts whenever where are festive seasons.

2. “FACE” value:
Giving face is a compliment while losing face is disastrous.  People want and love to buy and use famous, international while affordable brands.

3. Gifting economy
Chinese love to send gifts to customers, family members, business partners especially in Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, birthdays and company anniversaries.

There are opportunities and risks. But you have to embrace them if international brands want to become a social brand in this big nation.

  • Lance Concannon

    Bob – go to LinkedIn’s settings menu and select the “Email Preferences” tab. This will give you the option to reduce the number of emails from LinkedIn or to turn them off entirely. 

  • Martin Ballantine

    I also think it’s the main reason so many SEO companies in India and now Poland are contacting me….anyone else experiencing a surge in these emails?