Scanning Technology Comes to Clothes Marketing

We’ve all had the pleasure of submitting to a full-body scan before you can board a plane with one of those full-body scanners.  But now, that scanning technology looks like it will actually be put to a friendly rather than a fearful use – at least for most.

My daughter recently took a part-time job with a company called Me-Ality while attending university in Los Angeles.

In short, you step into the Me-Ality body scanner, and the machine reads your measurements for jeans, tops, shirts, suits, dresses, etc., spits out a card with your exact sizes and also tells you which stores in the shopping mall carry your exact size and style. This is especially helpful since most clothing manufacturers, especially women’s clothes, do not follow the same guidelines for consistent sizing. So no more guessing, no more trying on 30 different pairs of jeans and no more anxiety about trying on clothes in general, which I understand from having two girls and my wife can be very stressful and full of anxiety, no matter what size you are.

For me, being tall, Me-Ality is a Godsend because I have to go to 10-15 stores before I can find pants long enough to fit. I’d step into Me-Ality in a heartbeat.

So certainly, scanners like Me-Ality are helpful on a personal level. But the retail and brand marketing possibilities with something like Me-Ality are what really get me excited. In short, what couldn’t you do on that little receipt that pops out of the machine and/or on and near the scanner itself? Co-branding with retailers, clothing manufacturers and shopping malls; complementary brand/retail cross-promotions; frequency scan/shop/buy discounts; money-savings promotions; seasonal specials; smartphone promotions; geo-locators; social media conversations about Me-Ality/things bought because of Me-Ality; green marketing (saves you from running all over town burning fuel to find what you want), healthy food marketing; etc., etc.  The list is virtually limitless. To say this potentially changes everything about retail clothes marketing is an understatement.

OK, now think about how this same technology could be applied to other industries! “Mr. Moffatt, just step right into the scanner and we’ll be able to tell you exactly which model of car best suits your size and is most comfortable for you to drive.” Or, office chairs, or beds (firmness, size, etc.), home furnishings (couches, chairs)… Virtually anything that your body needs to fit into comfortably, the applications represented by the scanning technology of companies like Me-Ality are endless.

So the next time, you dread ‘assuming the position’ to get onto a plane, just think. You may be able to pass through the necessary security screening while also subtlety finding out where in the airport shopping area to find the perfect shirt or skirt for that all-important, upcoming business meeting. So airport security screeners also become personal shoppers? Oops. Sorry. That really is more fearful than friendly!